How to Organize Your Fabric Scraps

Fabric Scrap Overload

If you are a person that works with fabric you are bound to have the same problem as me… SCRAPS! I am going to tell you how I sort them and keep them organized so I can find what I’m looking for when I need it. And let’s face it, keep them off my tables and out of sight so my husband doesn’t know I have such a big problem, lol (it’s only funny because it’s true).

Lately I have accumulated more and more. I mean who can pass up super cheap & free scraps at a guild meeting? I have been completely obsessed with my scrap projects so the more scraps the better! But there comes a time when I just need to get them sorted so that you know what you have and where it is!

STEP 1- Setting Up

First I like to make sure I have enough supplies. So here is a list of supplies you will need to gather. I like to be GREEN and reuse resealable bags that fabric has come in.

  • Gallon Size Ziplock Bags- I used 12 total
  • 1 Extra Large Zipper Bag- Leftover from a comforter/bedspread
  • 1 Large Zipper Bag- Leftover from a sheets set
  • 2 Large Storage Boxes

Step 2- Getting Started

So I start by dumping all my scraps in a pile. Yikes! I know this is scary when you see them all piled high on the floor or table, take a deep breath.. Line up your gallon sized ziplock bags, I actually put them in this basket so they are all close together. Put the other bags and 1 Storage box close by you as well. I like to sit in the middle and have everything placed around me and the pile of scraps.

Step 3- Sorting

This is the part that takes the longest, sorting and organizing them. I start by knowing that I want all small scraps (5×5 or smaller ) in the extra large zip bag.  Any larger scraps I sort by rainbow order in to the bags in the basket. I have these set up as rainbow, white/low volume, gray, black & multicolors. Keeping in mind the bags are only for pieces bigger than 5×5.  Any strips I come across I put in my large storage box. Selvages go in their own large zipper bag as well.

Scraps bigger then 5×5, sorted in ziplocks

Selvage Scraps

Finishing up

When I’m all done I put the bags of scraps into my leftover large storage container. For my container I used a large spool box my husband bought me. All my ziplock bags fit perfectly inside! Except my extra large zippered bag with small scraps. That sits next to my cutting table to catch the leftovers from my cutting table. I like it there because when I have a minute or two I can pull out pieces and prep them for EPP!

Scrap storage

Sorted Scraps

So that is how I keep my scrap pile tamed. I try to sort every six months. It really helps me know what I have so that I can use it a lot more. It does make me realize I need to work from my stash and stop buying new fabric… I may have a problem!

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8 thoughts on “How to Organize Your Fabric Scraps

  1. mammafairy says:

    I use similar methods for sorting. Just mine almost fit in a shoe box. but then, scraps bigger than 5″x 5″ don’t actually count as scraps in the ziplock sense- they go back in the boxes of stash, also colour sorted.

  2. Kathleen McCormick says:

    A great system. I don’t like keeping those piles around and I keep fewer small scraps. If room wasn’t an issue, I might think of it!!! BUT I just started making pillows for a cat shelter (to be named) and already have one half filled. Better than wasting!

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