UFO Pile Be Gone Q1-2018

Ufo’s that will be completed soon

I can’t believe we are here in 2018 already! I have taken a very long break from my blog, but hopefully this is the year I can learn to squeeze all these tasks into my everyday.  In between orders from my Etsy shop and my family it takes a lot of dedication. Kuddo’s to all the crafters that can multi-task and do it all.

My UFO list is super long! It’s so extensive that I’ve decided to list only what I think I can get done in this time. I know I have several quilts that are long-term projects. And that’s fine but they won’t appear here on this list.

Okay, without further ado, here is my proposed finishes for the start of this year!

1. Name Tag Mini- Orlando MQG called for all of us to make name tags. I may not have gotten it done by the deadline but I am determined to get it done soon… and made with Hexi’s!


2. Yellow Triangle Quilt- I’m so close to a finish on this one! I only need to bind it. Now to find an hour or two…

3. Chevron Quilt for Tyson- I am all done piecing basting and quilting. Just need to finish up and bind it.

4. Pillow for Tyson- This is a pillow to match Tyson’s Quilt.

5. Black, Gray & White Triangle Quilt- I have the fabric all cut and ready to go, and the first few rows pieced together.

6. Orange Peel Quilt- Just started to make this beautiful quilt. This is the one I’m the most excited about making. I am using all Alison Glass fabric, but am waiting to get her new fabrics as well. This is a selfish sew for myself; super excited!


7. Purple & Turquoise Triangle Pillow- This is a cute pillow to use up leftover fabric from the quilt I made a few months ago.

8. It’s All Adding Up-  This is the cutest little plus signs quilt using up my scraps. It is so great to get rid of strips of scraps that are 1 1/2 inches wide.

9. Confetti Scrap Quilt- I am making a colorful quilt with my tiny triangle scraps. I only have 300 made so far, so I have a long way to go.

10. Half Rectangle Quilt-  This is really coming along. I need to get back to it!

11. Scrap Busting Quilt:  I have all my scraps sorted and I’m working on this project. It will be a rainbow quilt, just to use up some scraps. Wow, I need to get rid of a few scraps.

12. Fox Zipper Bag: I found some fox fabric for my daughter so I’m going to make her a fun new zipper bag.

13. Coral and Navy Triangle Quilt: Yep, another triangle quilt. I can’t help myself I started another one. Love the colors in this one though!

14. Scrappy Orange Peel Quilt: Made entirely from scrap fabrics. I made this just to match my backing fabric, which is my all time favorite.

15. Halloween Chevron: This is scrappy Halloween quilt made from charm packs. It just needs to be quilted and bond.

16. Triangle Quilt: Love these modern fun colors, I can’t wait to finish this one.

These are just a few of my WIP’s. I am going to be focusing on these before I move on to my others because I need to have priorities!!

Thanks to all the hosts for this year’s quilt a-long. I know it inspires me so much to see all these WIP’s and progress on completing them.

Go Create Something Quilty,



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5 thoughts on “UFO Pile Be Gone Q1-2018

  1. Deana says:

    Scrappy Orange Peel really caught my eye in the linky thumbnail. It will be gorgeous. I also love the one done in soft yellows that just needs a binding. You really are pretty close on several of these. Good luck!

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